In Depth Look at Our Tractor Cab Enclosures

Our Top Two Cab Enclosures!

We are about to reach our busiest time of the season! Winter is coming and Acmeoutfitter wants to help you get prepared for the season ahead. We strive to treat our customers like friends. Like friends we want to help, support, and give you all the necessary information before making a decision to purchase a Cab Enclosure from us! 

Slip- Over Style Cab Enclosure Requires Fiberglass Canopy: 
We do offer a fiberglass canopy that will go specifically with this style of cab enclosure, at an added cost. Both the  cab enclosure and fiberglass canopy are custom made to order. This unit can take up to 3 weeks before shipping out to you. Featuring a hardened poly carbonate windshield, easy zip up entry and exit, and is constructed of high quality marine grade vinyl.  The install time runs about 30-45 minutes and to uninstall it only takes about 20 minutes. The unit comes with a storage bag so you can store during the summer months.  The canopy is constructed of fiberglass with steel hardware. You can keep it on year round as it will protect you from the sun during the summer months. 
To get started on your purchase, please contact [email protected] Please include make, model and year. when inquiring. Free heater included when purchased. 

Hard Top Cab Enclosure with available upgraded options:
This is one of our most highly sought out and purchased item, extremely easy to install. 
Composed of a 16 gauge steel tube frames, covered with an extremely strong, yet light weight stop rip vinyl fabric that resists abrasion, water, fire, mildew, and rot. Cab enclosure sits on hinged, wire frame door. With forward inclination of windshield helps minimize glare. The window material  is non-puckering, shatter resistant lexan, that can sustain sub-zero temperatures without cracking and the top is made of a molded ABS Plastic with UV inhibitor for durability and appearance. It is a must item to have for any season. This cab enclosure has available upgrade options to choose from, see listed below. 
  • Safety Glass Windshield + 195.00
  • Electric or Manual Wiper Kit + 195.00 or 95.00 
  • Work Light Kit + 95.00
  • Amber Flashing Light + 95.00
  • Rear Mirror Kit + 35.00
Free heater included when purchased. See Heater here!!